Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)
Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)

Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)

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Description of Espresso Capsule Machine, brass (EU version)

Espresso capsule machine with a timeless and elegant design in stainless steel with a mirror finish. The machine is compatible with the Nespresso system, and with the design nod to the original Italian espresso machines, and the intuitive ease of use for hotel guests, we think that this is the perfect hospitality product.

Sjöstrand Espresso Machine has a high-pressure pump at 19 bar which, together with hot water at the right temperature, will ensure that all flavors and aromas of the coffee emerge in a perfect balance. If you use Sjöstrand’s highly sustainable compostable capsules filled with 100% organic coffee, you get an entirely eco-friendly coffee concept.

The machine is easy and intuitive to use, and it goes automatically into power save mode after 10 minutes. If the guest leaves the room, and the power is turned off, then the machine is just turning on again when they return. The machine is also easy to clean, so it looks fresh when a new guest arrives. In general, a capsule-based coffee system is better in terms of hygiene, which is important in these times.

Being the only capsule coffee machine on the market that can be repaired, we think it deserves applause for being the most sustainable solution in this field.


Technical specifications

19 bar high-pressure pump: ideal pressure for the perfect ‘crèma’.
Capsule container for 15 capsules.
Removable water tank 1.2 liters.
Adjustable drip grid for large and small cup (It is possible to put the drip grid on the flat surface for macchiato glasses).
Automatic and programmable coffee quantity.
Power Saver mode.


220V–240V, 50-60Hz, 1250-1450W

Measure: 33,6*18,6*25,9 cm

The design

We absolutely love Sjöstrand’s stainless steel coffee and espresso machines and their totally sustainable coffee capsule concept. The machines have a classic timeless design with a nod to the original Italian espresso machines. The quality of their products is in line with their sustainability ethics and carefully developed for long service life and to blend in with most environments.

Sjöstrand’s motto is sustainability, function, and taste. Their products are simple to use – one touch of a button and your guests can enjoy an espresso just the way they like it.

Sustainable coffee capsules

Sjostrand coffee capsules are compostable, airtight and preserve the coffee’s full flavour for over 12 months. This is a key innovation – both when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of the coffee and preserving our environment for the coming generations. Used capsules can either be composted together with food waste or disposed of together with ordinary household waste.

Sjöstrand Coffee’s coffee capsules are compatible with the vast majority of Nespresso® coffee machines currently on the market.


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User manual: Download