Zafferano - Portable lamps

Portable lamps create a nice ambiance in restaurants, bars, and hotel rooms. A cordless portable lamp is a super flexible solution for venues where the tables are often moved around.

Zafferano has a large range of models, for the table, floor, and even wall mounting. The designs are very diverse, giving you a varied choice of design options for your project.

The portability also means considerable savings on electrician hours as no wiring is necessary. Another time-saving and professional feature not seen elsewhere is the ability to charge the lamps in a multi-unit charging base. The base can charge 6 lamps and you can couple up to 10 bases. Do the math yourselves - it is a good investment.   

Poldina Table Lamp Pro - Pink

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Poldina Table Lamp Pro - red

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Poldina Table Lamp Pro - sand

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